Divided Audiobook is Available!

Divided is now available as an audiobook! I’m so excited to share this with you. Tanis Parenteau, the narrator, did such a fantastic job with it. I love it so much, and can’t wait to get started on Ravaged. (No date yet, it’s not yet in my schedule…but it will happen.) Below are the links where you can purchase it. Please share with your family and friends, and enjoy!


Newspaper Review

Hey everyone! Burning Darkness was reviewed in the Farmington Daily Journal this past weekend! Check it out! Thanks so much to Renee Bronaugh, whom I met at St. Louis Comic Con, for the great review!

I’m busy working on my next book, Deceived. This will be the third book in the Elena Ronen PI series. Release date will be December. 11.

The audio book for Divided is nearly complete. I can’t wait till I can share it with you all – it’s amazing! The narrator, Tanis Parenteau, is so wonderful! I really hope she’ll do Ravaged when I’m ready to do audio for that as well.

That’s all for now – my next scheduled appearance is at the ToyMan Toy Show on September 28, and the following weekend I’ll be at Archon. Check out my Events Page for all the details.

Finally, if you’re looking for some help writing your own book, check out my coaching services – I can help you through every step of the process, from idea creation to self-publication. If you know someone who could benefit from this, I’d appreciate if you tell them as well. I’ll end you a free eBook of your choice for each referral who books a session with me.

That’s it for now! Until next time, happy reading!

Introducing Dominate Your Dream Book Coaching

Last week I mentioned something exciting that I was working on. Well, it’s ready to go and I can finally tell you about it. I meet a lot of aspiring authors at the conventions I go to, and I love doing panels to help you. But I want to be able to help more of you! So I’ve launched a book coaching business, Dominate Your Dream: Write and Self Publish Your First Fiction Book. I have several levels of coaching packages to fit whatever you need help with. So head on over there and check it out!

Don’t worry, I won’t spam this site with advertisements for my coaching business. But since I know a lot of you are aspiring authors, I wanted to let you know this is available now. I also have a few limited specials going on to celebrate the launch, so head on over to my services page to check them out.

Not ready to get started writing your novel just yet? Why don’t you join the Up & Coming Writers Group over there? You’ll get my free guide, “7 Ways to Tell if Your Idea can Become a Full Length Novel” and weekly writing and self publishing tips. Feel free to tell your friends too – the more the merrier!

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Signing Video and Cosplacon

Hey there! It’s been a busy couple of weeks! Burning Darkness was released on June 5. I’m having a contest right now for it – the first 5 people who leave a review on Amazon, and send me a link to that review, will get an 11X17 print of the cover signed by myself, and the cover artist! So hurry while they’re still available! You can purchase Burning Darkness here.

Here’s a video of the reading and Q&A I did at the signing at Subterranean Books.

I also spent this past weekend at Cosplacon in Jefferson City, MO. It was a last minute appearance, but totally worth it! (Even if I did come down with con crud afterwards!) I met so many new people and had such a fantastic time! I highly recommend you go to this con next year – it will be even bigger and better! I’ll definitely be there!

Production of the audio book for Divided is still in progress. I’ll let you know when I have more updates.

Finally, I’m working on something BIG that any aspiring authors out there are going to love! I love doing panels at conventions and get some really great questions about writing and publishing, but never have enough time to fully answer all the questions. And some people want more personalized help. So stay tuned…details will be unveiled soon! You do not want to miss this!

Burning Darkness Reminder, and Audio!

Don’t forget Burning Darkness will be released this Thursday, June 5. If you’re in St. Louis, I’d love to see you at the reading/Q&A/signing at Subterranean Books. Here’s the Facebook event with all the details.

I also have some super exciting news! Divided is going to be an audio book! I don’t have a release date yet, but I got the first 15 minutes from the voice actress yesterday and OH MY GOD! It is going to be so amazing beyond my wildest dreams! I can not wait to hear the rest of it!

I’m working through ACX (Audible Creation Exchange) for the audio book. So far the process has been super easy. Create an account (it’s a subsidiary of Amazon, so you can just use your existing Amazon account.) Input some information, and you’re read to go! You can put the book up for audition and wait for producers to come to you, or you can listen to samples from tons of producers and make an offer to the one you like best. It’s pretty intuitive, and at this point in the process, I’d recommend it for sure!

Hope to see you Thursday!

On the Radio, and a SALE!

Hey guys! If you haven’t liked my Facebook page (and if you haven’t, why not?? Go here and give me some love! I’m doing a giveaway when it reaches 500 likes!) you probably don’t know that I’m going to be on the radio tomorrow night! (Friday, May 30.) Like, the real live ACTUAL radio! Brothers on Whatever, who invited me on their show last September when I released Ravaged, are having me back. But this time, they’re on WGNU 920 AM. I’ll be on around 7:00PM, so tune in and listen. You can also call in and ask me questions. Their caller line is 314-880-0808.

If you don’t have an actual radio, you can stream the show live on www.insidestl.com. So check it out! I’d love to have some of my readers call in!

In other news, my first book, Divided, is on sale for 99 cents right now on Amazon. The sale runs through June 10. So if you haven’t read Divided yet, this is the best time to snag it! And if you don’t mind, tell your friends as well. I really appreciate you spreading the love!

Fiction Unboxed

The guys from the Self Publishing Podcast are running a Kickstarter campaign right now. I’ve learned so much from Johnny, Sean, and Dave, and adore their stories!

Johnny and Sean are going to spend 30 days showing every moment of their writing process, from story inception to publication. They collaborate – Sean write the outline (what they call story beats) and Johnny writes the story itself, then Sean polishes it. They’re going to share every single story meeting, ever word of the rough draft – before edits! – and every word of the finished story, and show every step along the way. I’m so excited about seeing such in depth details of how other writers work. I’m sure it will help me improve my process.

Why am I spreading the word about this when they’ve already reached their goal? Well, they have some amazing stretch goals planned, and I want to see these happen! A free copy of Scrivener? Yes please! Sure, I already have it, but I’d love to spread the love to friends who want to write but are flat broke at the moment. And I want to see what else they have planned. I know it will be mind blowing!

So check out the Fiction Unboxed Kickstarter and if you can, support it. Even a dollar helps, and you’ll get a $4.00 book as a thank you for that donation. You won’t be sorry!

Oh, and if anyone wants to donate to the $5000 level in my name, I’d love a trip to Austin, TX, for a workshop with these guys. Just sayin’ :)

St. Louis Comic Con 2014

I had so much fun at Comic Con this past weekend! I will say I wish I’d gotten to spend a bit more time walking around and going to panels, but I’m glad I was able to get a table there. I sold a lot of books and met a lot of awesome people. I did my own panel which was really great. Thanks to everyone who was there and said it was helpful. It’s always nice to know that people find what I’m saying to be useful. This week I’m playing catchup…Monday was catch up on sleep, yesterday was more relaxing and sleeping, then tonight will be catching up on administrative tasks. I hope to get back to actual writing tomorrow.

I’ve already registered for next year’s St. Louis Comic Con, which will be May 15-17, 2015. Now I don’t have any cons on the schedule until Archon, October 3-5. If you know of any I could sell my books at, let me know…I have a feeling I’m going to have con withdrawal between now and then!

Distractions and Deceived

I’ve been getting really distracted all week and having trouble focusing on the writing. There are a lot of good things going on for me and some of my friends, and we’re busy brainstorming new ideas and talking about how awesome the year is going to be. Which is great, but if that’s all we do, the year won’t be so awesome. So Thursday evening I grabbed my notebook and went to Barnes and Noble. I switched my phone to airplane mode so I could still listen to music but not receive any texts or emails or anything else distracting. And I got down to business.

The night ended with me writing the first page of Deceived. It’s barely started, but one page is infinitely better than none. I could have spent countless amounts of time fleshing out the outline, but I realized with the way I work, it was better for me to stop where it was, and just start writing. I was trying different methods of outlining, and realized I was writing mostly the same stuff in different formats. Now that I have the first page down, I won’t be so tempted to go back to brainstorming and outlining. Next time I sit down with it I’ll be ready to continue writing the story.

I’m also going to start experimenting with Pinterest. I have some boards up there of home improvement ideas, cute animals and such, but I want to see how I can use it with my writing. I created boards for writing tips, writing quotes, business ideas, and one for my writing progress. There I plan to post brief updates and maybe blurry photos of my writing progress and process. In fact, if you head over there right now you can get a tiny sneak peak at chapter one of Deceived! Let me know what you think, but please be kind – it’s a work in progress.